Monday, October 31, 2011

Circus Diner

I watched the movie "Water for Elephants" the other day. it's wonderful!
and just last week I also started to work on this Circus Diner in Vector~ ha  nice timing~

Go Digital! 04 --more diner props

you can not miss the jukebox and the gumball machine in the diner!

Popcorn for the circus show!
and  you can choose to sit on an elephant or a loin! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Digital! 03 --more diner props

things on the diner counter~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Go Digital! 02 --diner props

Here are some concepts I did before :)
"circus diner"  
More fun stuff coming soon!  stay tuned!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming~ this is my post card for the holiday! :D  enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Digital!

Recently I'm working on some new portfolio pieces....
YES  I'm going DIGITAL!!

start with my little cute raccoon!
I'm going to post more soon~  Stay Tuned

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2012 Calendar is coming! now open for pre-order!

Hi All!!

I'm so happy to present my lastest work!!!!
I just send it to print, it will be available in early November!!

Wall Calendar, size about 7.5x7.5 inch when it's fold.
full color, printed on coated paper.
12 illustrations for 12 months,
and each month you have a page of dates to write things down!

I'm offering the pre-order discount now, so it will be $10 USD each!
welcome to contact me for pre-order info!

check the thumbnail! I hope you can feel the JOY!!

here is one of the sample!!  space for writing!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in progress

I'm working on my 2012 calendar, its going to be ready soon.
Stay tuned:D
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Oct 1st, 2nd!!! APE (the Alternative Press Expo)!!

I'm sooo excited!

come and say Hi to me and my talent friend Shawna  at table 308!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tribute to Kazu project

I decided to start this project because I was stunned the sudden lost of Kazu, my mentor. I wasn't sure what can i do, so i want to gather as much as people who share the same feeling with me.

The project is called: "Here's to you, Kazu", based on the song, Here's to you,Mrs. Robinson of Beatles, one of Kazu's favorite band.

here is the project blog:

I remember the very last time Kazu talked to me, it was a Sunday afternoon, on a voicemail which I was not available to pick up the phone. He told me he could not make it for the very last class for the semester, and he was not available to reply emails from us due to the hospital was not offering internet. 
He sounded tired, but he tried not to let me worry, he briefly informed me his situation, but most of the time he kept reminding me to let all the student in his classes that he was sorry he could not be there for us.

This is the Kazu I know. Passionate about art and teaching, and dedicate himself to all his students.

I was never the most talented student in the class, and I didn't have a solid art training background before I came to AAU. Most of the time, I was almost struggling being an artist. I was lucky that my last two years in school, Kazuwas always a part of it. He helped me so much of finding my art path, and encouraged me to embrace who I am as an artist. What he touched me the most is: He never wanted me to be who I am not, and he always tried to help each one of us in the way we needed.

I was my honor being his assistant in the last year, I had a chance of learning from him more closely. He was a very thoughtful and generous person, he was also full of humor. I admire him a lot from his attitude towards art, he was always challenging himself and looking for new solutions of painting technique even until the last few weeks when he was fighting with his cancer.  And I'm grateful to know him as a mentor who was so sincere to all his students, not just guided them in art, he also put everyone in his heart. 

His lost was too sudden that I still have a hard time to believe. 
It feels like he just went into the forest for a trip, and he will be back anytime soon.
I hope the place he went is as peaceful as the light lavender color he used so often in his painting.

Thank you Kazu!
You are always remembered.

with my heart,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

GingerBread Boy

Hi all!

it has been a while since my last update.
This Gingerbread Boy project is an assignment from Joann Hill (Art Director in Disney-Hyperion )for the SCBWI illustrator's Day in South San Francisco region.

for this project, I'm hoping to create a stronger sense of my own style, at the same time developing my own technique through out the process of painting.

I got some good comments on the work, and also some new direction of my coming illustrations.  oh yeah more works to do!!!

Enjoy!  The Gingerbread Boy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Round Red

This is the short story I've been working on for a while, I started this in Angela Dominguez's class in my last semester.  After many times of revise, and hours of painting, personally feel very Happy with the result!!

The big break through for me is the limited palette!  I want to bring in a stronger look in my work instead of using every color all over the place.

so here is the work!  Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fabulous Yellow

This is a short series of work while ago, somehow I forgot to post it.
I love the feeling of brainstorming when I'm trying to come up a new piece/story.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello Cherry!

it's the season for Cherry!!!

it has been a really tough month for me.
my life had many sudden changes.
*feeling myself standing on a high peak of having my own identity on my art path,
and being pulled down to the ground and felt insignificant.
*becoming a person living in reality instead of a student who can day dream all the time.
*back to teaching kid again(feeling lots of joy)
*lost my mentor :(

and so and so...
lots of plans and things stock in my head,
wondering which one i should put my hand into first...

so i decide start from the pressure-free doodling :D
took out my gouache and practice for few days.

Finally, i found Cherry playing in the field, so i invited her to jump into my page:D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIP Kazu

This is a demo piece from my teacher Kazuhiko Sano who has passed away last week. I still feel hard to believe this sad news...but I was relieved that I've been told that he left in peace.

I had been taking his class for 2 years, and during that time, I've been through some very low moments in my art path, with his help and encouragement, I found a new direction for myself.
Last year I became one of his assistants in his painting class, from all those time I spent with him, I saw an artist who had endless passion for art, and teaching.

The painting is now sitting with my works in my apartment. I'm very greatful that he left this piece for me, I will always remember all the things he taught me. Wish one day I could be an artist like him, always be passionate, always be inspiring for others.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Show is Coming!!

i'm glad that one of the painting from my story "the Big New City" was chosen to be in Spring Show~
Chestnut is very Happy as well :D

so here it is: On My Way to School

Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I always want to combine my wool felting doll with my painting, and I finally finished one during the spring break. I think it's something that i would like to keep working on. :D
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what do you think about this!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


it's a type of narcissus.
also one of my friend's name.

the painting is done in acrylic on canvas.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

!!puppet warp is fun!!

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is great!
Now I can make my traditional-media-painted characters into animation :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

new painting--See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

the painting had been half-finished for a while next to my table.
During this winter i have been busy with my thesis, drawing sketches for the scenes overand over....
to be able to complete something feels great!!!

the theme of the painting is inspired by the conversation between Confucius and his student YanYuan:

Yan Yuan:
Yan Yuan asked about perfect virtue. The Master said, "To subdue one's self and return to propriety, is perfect virtue. If a man can for one day subdue himself and return to propriety, all under heaven will ascribe perfect virtue to him. Is the practice of perfect virtue from a man himself, or is it from others?" Yan Yuan said, "I beg to ask the steps of that process." The Master replied, "Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety." Yan Yuan then said, "Though I am deficient in intelligence and vigor, I will make it my business to practice this lesson."
(the translation is from