Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new painting-- poisonous heart girl

working on my wood board series again....

a girl with a poisonous heart inside of her hollow trunk...living in the dark dark woods.....
she did not know how to be those kind of bright and shinny type of girl....

my calendar works for 2011

it has been a long time since my last update.
i have been working really hard for many projects.

i'm glad to present my baby----the classic story calendar 2011

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the taco girl is back from spring show!!!

i finally colored it!!
it was a tough process that i almost gave up@@

Saturday, June 26, 2010

what i've done this spring....(figure painting in acrylic)-2

my finals, feeling i'm finding my way :D

what i've done this spring....(figure painting in acrylic)

the class i struggle the most to be honest.
it's not about skill learning, instead it's about finding my own way of painting.
somehow it's even harder than i thought, but glad everything is slowly moving toward to a path i wanted. :D

in class works:

finding a way of playing with the colors.......

figuring out about the skin tone........

having fun with my own way of paiting...........

what i've done this spring....(layout design)-2

this is the final for layout class.
i felt it's very cheerful and very me... lol
i was happy that i could finally find something that fits me more, topicwise and style...

what i've done this spring....(layout design)

i have to say this class is really killing me @@ but i did learn so much.
the process is really painful, i've used out so many erasers lol
there is always some room for improvement….
reference is very important for our work, but how to use it as inspiration, not just copy it, really takes time to figure it out, and make my work to be better :)

this is the version....4 or 5...i've been drawing this projec forever!!! and the camara is crazy small.....

here is the earlier version, the wonky one. drawing too much wonky is kind of annoying but i had lots of fun!!

i wish i had more time to do this project...i was taking my pace to figure out what layout is at that time....

very first project for the class

Friday, June 25, 2010

what i've done this spring....(character design)-3

my final-- good and evil
i chose "Hansel and Gretal", cause after the whole semester of letting my thoughts go all over the place, it's nice to find some children's story for an end. :D
the ideas of the characters are based on the 1940s pilots, worker, and fashionable woman. with the therianthropic figures, which i use pretty often.

what i've done this spring....(character design)-2

another project, design a creature from 4 different animals.
it's one of my favorite work in the spring.
i'm glad that even the creature is very "me" ( in a way)

character for maquette-- tako girl

the maquette, (it's in the spring show this year~~hoorayy)

what i've done this spring....(character design)

it's the first project of the class. took lots of time to figure out how to emphasis her feature:D

cerlebrity turn around



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

02 February

February, the month of the troditional Chinese new year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

01 January

it about fairy of fire and the flower--Mañjusaka
longing for someone/something in the begining of the year.

2010 calendar

it become something i must do every year(hopefully...)
and this year is about fairies, something i always wanna do.