Saturday, June 26, 2010

what i've done this spring....(layout design)

i have to say this class is really killing me @@ but i did learn so much.
the process is really painful, i've used out so many erasers lol
there is always some room for improvement….
reference is very important for our work, but how to use it as inspiration, not just copy it, really takes time to figure it out, and make my work to be better :)

this is the version....4 or 5...i've been drawing this projec forever!!! and the camara is crazy small.....

here is the earlier version, the wonky one. drawing too much wonky is kind of annoying but i had lots of fun!!

i wish i had more time to do this project...i was taking my pace to figure out what layout is at that time....

very first project for the class

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